Kangaroo Hoppet will be Cup Free

Covid Safe/Environmentally friendly Hoppet 

The Hoppet will hopefully be Covid safe and Environmentally friendly event. 

Skiers will be expected to carry their own supplies

Checkpoints/Aid Stations will be in the same positions as the Drink Stations were in past Hoppet events. These Checkpoints  will be for emergency situations only. 

At each Checkpoint/Aid Station there will be a radio, spare poles, a first aid kit, a sleeping bag and mat, and an emergency supply of water, energy drink and food. 

There will be Checkpoints at Sunvalley, Watchbed Creek, The Park and Half Way.  These Checkpoints will be situated back about 2m from the race track.  Most skiers will just ski straight past the Checkpoints on the race track. If a skier requires some assistance or supplies they will need to ski off the race track on a separate lane over to the Checkpoint (track will be groomed).

If a skier requires water they will need to stop, take their gloves off and remove lid on their drink container.  A volunteer will then use a jug to top up the skier’s drink bottle, this may take several minutes. 

If the skier requires food they will be given a wrapped chocolate bar. A volunteer will have scissors to cut and collect wrapper.  Skiers will need to ask for food- it will not be on tables in view. 

Finish Drink Station

We will still have a Finish Drink Station which will have supplies for skiers, but the supplies will be handed to skiers by volunteers using tongs. Food will consist of Rock Cakes and containers of chocolates and snakes. 

Hopefully these measures will ensure a Covid safe, environmentally friendly Hoppet. Thank you for your understanding.